A few things you might be wondering about…

Do you both shoot?

we Do! We like to work as a team. we are able to assist each other to make the shoots go as smooth as possible. there may be certain times where there is only one of us available to shoot, but we will always let you know ahead of time!

Do you give unedited photos?

we do not. we deliver edited images only. the photos are retouched to a specific style as part of our brand. we work hard to create a shooting and editing style that we love and hope that our clients do as well.

Do you edit my body?

all of our images are edited simply to enhance colors and light. we may lightly edit skin, or remove a spot. but we will not photoshop a person to make them look different than they really do. you are beautiful just the way you are, and we know our photos will make you see that.

Do we choose the photos you edit?

we will be choosing the photos that we feel are the best from the session. we like to choose the photos that best portray a feeling and tell a story.

Can we order prints? Do we have the printing rights?

yes! we offer prints through the online gallery service that we use. we highly recommend using a high quality print service to protect the integrity of the colors and resolution of our photos. these are special moments that you will love to be able to display in your home. You do have printing rights if you decide to go elsewhere to get them printed.

How will we receive the photos?

we deliver the images through an online gallery. through the gallery you can download the images at full resolution. there is also an option to download the images at web resolution so you can share them with your family and friends on social media sites. there is also an option to print your photos right from the gallery and they will be delivered right to your home.

How long does it take to receive the photos after our shoot?

we like to take our time and and choose the perfect images and edit them so you’ll absolutely love them. you’ll receive a few images within 2 days after our shoot as a “sneak peek.'“ the full gallery of images will be delivered within 10 days of our session.

What should we wear?

excellent question! when you contact us to set up a session, we’ll email you our client guide and direct you to our pinterest board which will give you some style suggestions, along with other information you might have regarding our session. WARDROBE is a super important part of your photo session, we would love to help you with styling! Please feel free to send of photos of what you are thinking of wearing and we can give our suggestions!

Do you offer a referral or returning customer discount?

we do! if you refer a friend who books with us, you and your friend will receive 10% off your full priced sessions. book again with us and you will receive %10 off your next full priced session.

What is your cancellation/late policy?

Time is super important when it comes to shooting in natural lighting! as much as we wish the sun would never go down, it does! we time our sessions for when the sun is just where we want it. we never want to rush a photo session so please show up at the time we give you. the 30 minute or 1 hour session time will start at the session time slot we discussed. please give us at least 24 hours before deciding to reschedule your shoot. rescheduling with less than 24 hours will result in a $20 UP CHARGE of your session unless it’s due to weather.